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Cyprus in top 10 Paris Mou White list

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Cyprus in TOP 10 ParisMoU 2023

Cyprus in TOP 10 ParisMoU 2023. The Paris MoU Committee has approved the 2022 inspection results. New performance lists for flag States and Recognized Organizations (ROs) has been approved.

Cyprus flag has moved up to 8th place on the #ParisMoU White List. This list represents first class flags.
This proves that the Cyprus Registry adheres to high quality and safety standards for ships under the Cyprus flag.
The ranking on the list is based on the number of inspections and bookings made in a given period of time and the assessment of the safety and quality of ships. With the rise to 8th place, Cyprus proves to be of higher quality than all competing Registers operating under the same regime (open Registers). This increase reflects the efforts made by Cyprus to improve control and surveillance practices. This ranking enhances the prestige and credibility of the Cyprus Registry and recognizes the efforts made to ensure the safety and quality of ships. 

Majority of Raduga Shipping fleet is under the Cyprus Flag. Our ships are highly trustable, safe, efficient and up to the best international standards. When it comes to choosing a reliable and trustworthy fleet for your maritime needs, the flag under which a ship operates plays a crucial role. Cyprus, known for its maritime excellence and inclusion in the Top 10 Paris MoU White List, is an ideal flag state choice. We proudly introduce our fleet of ships operating under the Cyprus flag, offering unparalleled safety, compliance, and exceptional service. Join us as we explore the advantages and benefits of sailing with our esteemed Cyprus-flagged fleet.

We are proud to have Cyprus flags and would like to thank Shipping Deputy Ministry of Cyprus for all the efforts put into improvement of Cyprus Registry.

In conclusion, Cyprus’ inclusion in the Top 10 Paris MoU White List is a testament to its unwavering commitment to maritime excellence. Through rigorous inspections, robust regulations, continuous training, and technological advancements, Cyprus has established itself as a leading maritime nation. This accomplishment not only reinforces Cyprus’ reputation but also ensures safer seas and sustainable shipping practices.

Cyprus in TOP 10 ParisMoU 2023 White List is just the beginning of the wonderful improvements Cyprus Registry is doing for the Shipping Industry.